Decrease Your Utility Bills and Your Carbon Footprint

Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round with a heat pump from BTU Control. We provide professional heat pump installation throughout Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod, and the nearby communities. With this addition to your home, you can decrease both your monthly utility bills and your impact on the environment.

The way that heat pumps work is quite simple. On hot days, the pump moves heat inside of your home to the outdoors. When it is cold outside, the pump captures heat from the air outdoors and compresses it into your home. Call BTU Control to learn about the different varieties of pumps available for homeowners, including:

  • ·         Mini Split Heat Pumps​
  • ·         Ductless Heat Pumps​
  • ·         Window Heat Pumps
  • ·         Air Source Heat Pumps
  • ·         Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • ·         Hybrid Heat Pumps
  • ·         Solar Heat Pumps

Better for the Environment and Your Wallet

Heat pump installation is a great way to give both your wallet and the environment some relief. The pumps are highly energy efficient since they transfer existing heat rather than creating their own. This allows you to use your central heating and cooling system less often and cuts down on your utility bills. Furthermore, it decreases your home’s carbon emission. Find out more about the economic and environmental advantages of heat pumps by calling us.

Contact our company for further details on heat pump installation. 

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