New HVAC installation offers significant advantages for homeowners, both in regards to your daily comfort levels as well as the overall market value of your home. Make sure you get the optimal experience and maximize value when you invest in a new unit by allowing BTU Control to do the hard work for you. You can expect the following advantages from having your HVAC installed by a licensed and certified professional:​

  • ·         Highly Customizable Comfort Control
  • ·         Superior Air Flow
  • ·         Peaceful & Quiet Operation
  • ·         Longer Operating Life
  • ·         Minimal Environmental Impact
  • ·         Increased Home Resale Value
  • ·         Lower Energy Bills​

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As a residential HVAC company, BTU Control specializes in dealing with the particular challenges and difficulties faced by homeowners who need HVAC installations they can depend on. When our team handles your install, you can expect quality work and a clean, safe worksite, as well as meticulous results. We arrive on schedule and work to complete the job in a reasonable period because we also respect your time.

Call today to find out more about our services. You can expect the following benefits from the proper installation of your new unit:

  • ·         Improved Unit Efficiency
  • ·         Increased Equipment Lifespan
  • ·         Addressing Issues before Expenses Rise
  • ·         Prevention of Risk & Injury
  • ·         Quick Results


To get started, we need to arrange a survey of your job site or home so we can perform load calculations based on size, location, windows, usage, and many other factors. Once all the necessary data has been gathered, we will provide you with a free estimate.
During this initial inspection, we will identify potential sources of heat loss and answer any questions you have about your HVAC system. Plus, we provide recommendations to help you find the very best heating or air-conditioning system to suit your specific needs.
Whether you need your first HVAC system or you need to replace an existing system, our team will assist you in getting heat and cooling into your space. There is a government rebate program available for upgrading your system according to SEER rating standards, allowing for high efficiency and added savings in the long run.

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