Does the thought of expensive AC and heating repairs make you sweat? Turn to our company for affordable HVAC inspections. No matter how old or new your unit is, we offer quick and cost-effective services you can depend on. We care about your comfort and your 100% satisfaction. Our technicians have the right tools readily available for your specific needs. Some of the components we inspect include:​​


All-Inclusive HVAC Inspections

Being Hot Is Being Miserable!

If the summer sun is heating up your home, it is time for an AC inspection. At the same time, if you are shivering inside when it is wintertime, you probably have a problem with your heater. Whether you are having issues with your heater or air conditioner, you can depend on BTU Control for comprehensive HVAC inspections throughout Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod. Make sure you are ready for the sizzling summer and frigid winter weather by scheduling an inspection today.

It’s Time To Tune Up Your System

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Simple HVAC inspections may be performed with your annual preventative maintenance service visit. It’s a great value for homeowners to have their systems assessed each year, to ensure proper functioning and efficiency. Inspections can provide a ‘heads up’ which alerts the owner of needed repairs, before operating the system does additional damage.

The average homeowner doesn’t know the ins and outs of an HVAC system – and that’s OK! We don’t expect you to – that’s our job! To provide a quote for a new system or repair work, BTU Control needs to assess your home or business, the comfort issues you face, and what type of equipment or repair is necessary. 

Whatever the make, model, size, or age of your unit is, we are up to the task! If we determine that your system needs maintenance or repair, we are able to provide the expert guidance you need. Schedule an appointment today if you are having problems with your AC or heater.

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  • ·       Air Filters
  • ·       Compressors & Condensers
  •         Blowers & Fans
  •         Evaporator Coil
  •         Electrical Components
  •         Gas Lines
  •         Condensate Lines
  •         Burners & Pilot Lights
  •         Safety Controls
  •         Duct Work
  •         Heat Pumps